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Atom Probe Field Ion Microscopy

RRP $258.95

This book provides a definitive account of the theory, practice and applications of atom probe field ion microscopy (APFIM). The APFIM technique provides a unique method for observing and chemically identifying single atoms on solid surfaces. Recent advances in the method,which are largely due to the present authors, now permit the atomic-scale chemistry of a solid specimen to be recognised in three dimensions. As a result of these developments, new and exciting applications are rapidly emerging in the field of material science, surface science, and catalysis. The book is a state-of-the art account of this important field, and is intended for a graduate-level readership.

Nonlocal Continuum Field Theories

RRP $684.99

Nonlocal continuum field theories are concerned with material bodies whose behavior at any interior point depends on the state of all other points in the body -- rather than only on an effective field resulting from these points -- in addition to its own state and the state of some calculable external field. Nonlocal field theory extends classical field theory by describing the responses of points within the medium by functionals rather than functions (the "constitutive relations" of classical field theory). Such considerations are already well known in solid-state physics, where the nonlocal interactions between the atoms are prevalent in determining the properties of the material. The tools developed for crystalline materials, however, do not lend themselves to analyzing amorphous materials, or materials in which imperfections are a major part of the structure. Nonlocal continuum theories, by contrast, can describe these materials faithfully at scales down to the lattice parameter. This book presents a unified approach to field theories for elastic solids, viscous fluids, and heat-conducting electromagnetic solids and fluids that include nonlocal effects in both space and time (memory effects). The solutions to the field equations agree remarkably well with atomic theories and experimental observations.

Beyond The Fields

RRP $18.99

Her New Life in Arizona ... "Mark, we've already been through this." At the turn of the 19th century, Lily is in a rut. Her parents have recently passed, and her brother is the only family she has. It's time for a big change - ANY change. "Dear Ms. McNearly..." A letter from Luke calls for a bride from New York. A successful man, Luke lives out West and yearns to fill the hole in his heart. He envies his pals around him - the laughter of their children, the love of their wives. It's time for a family of his own. "We are to go!" An excited Lily responds to the letter and takes one bold move. Did She make the right choice? How is Lily settling into her new life - and more important is she safe from the ruckus which plagues her day after day. Find out in this Western Historical Romance.

The Importance Of Being Earnest

RRP $16.99

Join us for Irish author Oscar Wilde's most famous classic play, and possibly the most famous of all farcical comedies ever written. This is a witty and ingenious case of mistaken identity poking fun at the seriousness of society, and focusing on the main character's fictitious brother in Victorian England.

An Introduction To The Theory And Practice Of Finite Fields

RRP $233.99

Written by two renowned researchers, this graduate level textbook provides a thorough grounding in the field of cryptography. This topic is central to the graduate level curriculum in mathematics and electrical engineering since finite fields play a central role in the theory and practice of error correcting codes and cryptography. The authors are planning to make this book as comprehensive as possible in coverage in that it includes both theory and the more practical side of the topic. Unlike many of the other books on this topic the authors do not require a sophisticated background in linear algebra.


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