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Television Field Production And Reporting

RRP $389.99

Television Field Production and Reporting provides a comprehensive introduction to the art of video storytelling. Endorsed by the National Press Photographers Association, this book focuses on the many techniques and tools available in today s digital landscape, including how drones and miniaturized technology can enrich the storytelling process. The new edition of Television Field Production and Reporting is an absolute must in this visually oriented, rapidly changing field. At its core, visual storytelling helps transmit information, expose people to one another, and capture and communicate a sense of experience in unforgettable ways. This edition reflects, through practitioners' eyes, how to achieve those goals and excel as a professional, whatever the medium at hand, even as changing technology revises the storyteller s toolkit. This edition emphasizes digital and emerging media, and includes new color photography relevant to contemporary visual storytelling and reporting. It also features important updates regarding digital media law which affect anyone who records and/or disseminates digital media content, whether in private, on television, the web, via social networking sites, or in commercial venues. The seventh edition of Television Field Production and Reporting stresses the mastery of innovative storytelling practices in video programming as far ranging as electronic press kits, multi-camera production, stylized programs, corporate video, raw documentaries, and real time cinema verite."

In A New World; Or, Among The Gold Fields Of Australia

RRP $16.99

A stout gentleman of middle age and two boys were sitting in the public room of a modest inn in Melbourne. The gentleman was known to the public as Professor Hemmenway, who announced himself on the programme of his entertainment as "The Magician of Madagascar," though he freely confessed to his confidential friends that he had never seen the island of that name.

Cornfield Hollow

RRP $16.99

Penelope Wheeler lives in a hollow that is being threatened to be turned into a reservoir for a nearby city. The year is 1927 and her family as well as others see a display at the general store that is suppose to cure a lot of things, but turns out to have some consequences.

The Uk And European Human Rights

RRP $240.00

Fashion Sketchbook, 6th Edition, demystifies the fashion drawing process with simple, step-by-step directions. Now in full color and completely revised, with updated instructions and images throughout, this introductory text explains how to draw women, men, and children, pose the figure, develop the fashion head and face, sketch accessories, add garment details, and prepare flats and specs. Abling's detailed, easy-to-follow lessons are accompanied by Women's Wear Daily photographs from the showroom and the runway that accelerate comprehension and lead to the diversification of drawing skills.

Introducing Fashion Sketchbook STUDIO--an online tool for more effective study!
~Study smarter with self-quizzes featuring scored results and personalized study tips
~Visual flashcards help you identify the basics of garment details and silhouettes and
terms for the shapes, construction, and detailing of garment categories
~Watch videos demonstrating mixed media rendering techniques for figure analysis, fleshtone rendering, rendering garment details, drawing flats, rendering stripes and other prints, and rendering high end fabrics
~Each video includes a list of supplies and an explanation of how the demonstrations align
with the book chapters
~Redeeming the code inside this card will give you full access to the content previously contained on the DVD or CD packaged with this book

This bundle includes Fashion Sketchbook 6th Edition and Fashion Sketchbook STUDIO Access Card.

Electromagnetics And Calculation Of Fields

RRP $436.99

Contents: Part I. The Electromagnetic Field and Maxwell's Equations.- Mathematical Preliminaries.- The Electromagnetic Field and Maxwell's Equations.- Electrostatic Fields.- Magnetostatic Fields.- Magnetodynamic Fields.- Interaction Between Electromagnetic and Mechanical Forces.- Wave Propagation and High Frequency Electromagnetic Fields. Part II. Introduction to the Finite Element Method in Electromagnetics.- Introduction to the Finite Element Method.- The Variational Finite Element Method: Some Static Applications.-Galerkin's Residual Method: Applications to Dynamic Fields.- Hexahedral Edge Elements Some 3-D Applications.- Computational Aspects in Finite Element Software Implementation.- General Organization of Field Computation Software.


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